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The San Francisco Bay Area includes the three major cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, as well as all the smaller communities that extend between the three. It is the second most popular poker area in the state, and probably the third largest area in the nation, after Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

A number of high-class casinos and a lot of small ones provide action at all levels, with various levels of game play, and a wide variety of games.

At least two of the major casinos in the Bay Area have hosted World Poker Tour events.

  • The Lucky Chances Casino hosted a WPT event in their first season but has not hosted one since
  • Bay 101 in San Jose hosts the annual Shooting Star tournament with the unique "bounty" feature -- players who bust out a famous poker star win an extra prize of $5000 (and a T-shirt that says "I busted out so-and-so").

Map of the Bay Area, With Casinos Highlighted

The map to the right shows the location of all the bay area casinos, to give you some idea of distances and relative locations of them. On the map, one inch equals about 15 miles.

Click on the casino name below to go to the detail page for the casino. Unfortunately, the map itself is not clickable (sorry - I can't figure out how to make it work like that!)


Or, see them listed in a table with ratings and game types, as well as all the other Northern California casinos, on the Casinos page.

Bay Area

Weekly Tournament Schedule for Bay Area Casinos

Regularly scheduled tournaments in the Bay Area:

current as of Sep 5 2007

City/Casino Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Lucky Chances
9:30am, NLHE, 200+25, unlimited "re-entry" first 4 rounds 9:30am, NLHE 50+15, 1x50 rb 9:30am, NLHE, 150 + 25, unlimited "re-entry" first 4 rounds 9:30am, NLHE, 50+15, 1x50 rb 9:30am, NLHE, 100+20, unlimited "re-entry" first 4 rounds  
1:00p NLHE 100+25, 1x100rb  6:30pm , NLHE, 100 + 20 10:00am, NLHE, 50 + 15, 2x40 rb 6:30pm, NLHE, 80 + 20, 1x80 rb     11:00am, NLHE, 100 + 20
Garlic City
6pm, LHE 45+5, 1x20rb 6pm, NLHE 20+5, 1x20rb 6pm, NLHE 20+5, 1x20rb 6pm, SLHE 45+5, 1x20rb 6pm, LHE 55+5, 1x40rb  
The Palace
            12pm NLHE
California Grand
10:30a NLHE 50+5            
San Bruno
Artichoke Joe's
6:45p NLHE 40+9, 1x20rb, 40ao 11a LHE 20+8, 1x20rb, 20ao 11a LHE 20+5 6:45p half Omaha/8 half LHE 40+10 11a LHE 40+8    
San Jose
Bay 101
9:00a NLHE Bounty 145+15 12:45a, NLHE, 105+15

9:30a, NLHE, 70+10

12:45a, NLHE, 105+15

9:30a, NLHE Bounty, 105+15

12:45a, NLHE Bounty 145+15

9:30a, NLHE, 45+15, 40rb

9:30a, NLHE Double Stack, 105+15 9:30a, NLHE, 105+15 9:00a, NLHE, 180+20

9:30a, NLHE, 505+25 (last Saturday of the month)

San Jose
Garden City
10:00a NLHE 150

11:20p NLHE 120

10:00a NLHE 120

11:20p NLHE 120

10:00a NLHE 120

11:20p NLHE 120

10:00a NLHE 120 (reentry)

11:20p NLHE 150

10:00a NLHE 80+40

11:20p NLHE 150

10:00a NLHE 150 10:00a NLHE 150
San Pablo
Casino San Pablo
10:15a NLHE 60+5           10:15a NLHE 60+5
Santa Cruz
Ocean View
12p Crazy Pineapple hi/lo, 20+5, 1x20rb 4p NLHE, 20+10, 1x20rb         12p NLHE, 20+10, 1x20rb