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Alex Jacob, born in Huston, Texas on October 27, 1984, is a former professional poker player who gained national recognition during a stellar 2006 to 2008 shortly after graduating with degrees in economics and mathematics from Yale University.  Jacob’s top 9 largest career cashes came during that period.  His largest cash was for over $870,000 at the 2006 United Stakes Poker Championships in Atlantic City, the tournament is now defunct.  Jacob also boasts a 2nd place finish at the 2006 World Poker Tour event at Foxwoods in 2006 and 4 World Series of Poker final tables, with a best finish of 3rd in a $1,500 no limit event in 2007.  In total Jacob has just over $2.6 million in cashes, even though he hasn’t cashed in anything since 2012.

Jacob landed on the radar of poker players and the national stage in 2015 by competing and doing quite well on Jeopardy.  The attention from his performance wasn’t all positive though, as the current currency trader, garnered two types of reactions for his play, either people loving him or wanting him to get kicked off immediately, with very little in between.  This reaction stemmed mostly from the fact that he took a more game theory approach to the contest than other players have in the past, which can make for less than spectacular TV.  His constant stalling and board jumping are something that people don’t particular like watching, but are effective and intelligent approaches to the game.

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